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Blum, Gador & Co. is a full-service Intellectual Property Law Firm located in Israel. We provide a wide range of legal services for protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights. We believe in providing service with a personal touch.

Our fields of expertise range from drafting and prosecuting patent, design and trademark applications, drafting license and assignment agreements, providing legal opinions on IP matters in Israel, and managing IP portfolios, to litigating infringement cases and other cases of misappropriation of IP rights, breach of IP contracts, and so on.

Our clients range from relatively large Israeli companies to independent inventors. We have drafted and registered patent applications in a broad range of fields, including: wired and wireless telecommunications systems and methods and data transfer over networks, cellular telephone accessories and operations, dental hygiene products, irrigation systems, display systems, printing machines, weapons and ammunition, unmanned airborne platforms and vehicles, manholes, valves for various systems, bag producing and dispensing machines, vending machines, mechanical and complex optical locking mechanisms and warning devices, and medical instruments and machines.

Thus, we handle all phases of intellectual property law in Israel including PCT international and national applications, as well as translations from Hebrew to English and vice versa, and legalization of documents from Israel and provide Notarial services.

Professional Profile of the Partners of our Law Firm

David Blum:
David is an Israeli attorney, who has an Electrical Engineering (majoring in computer sciences) B.S. degree (Magna cum Laude) from the University of Connecticut (USA) and a law degree from the University of Tel Aviv. He is a member of the Israeli Bar and a Notary. David originally practiced general law, and has specialized, for the past 19 years, in Intellectual Property Law, including patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, drafting franchising contracts and license agreements in these fields, litigating infringement suits, registering patents, designs and trademarks, managing patent, trademark and design portfolios, and advising on IP strategy planning. David worked for 10 years (5 years as a partner) in the law firm Seligsohn & Gabrieli of Tel Aviv, one of the oldest and best known firms in Israel in the field of Intellectual Property Law, and later became a partner of the law firm Avital, Dromi, & Co. for 5 years, handling all the firm's intellectual property cases. His most recent position before establishing Blum, Gador & Co. was Legal and Intellectual Property Director for Applied Materials (Israel) Ltd. David chaired the Israeli Bar Committee on Intellectual Property Legislation. David is currently a member of the Israel Bar Association, AIPPI, and ALAI.

Deborah Gador:
Debbie graduated from Wellesley College, USA, in 1975 with a BA, majoring in Chemistry (having taken several courses at MIT). Debbie's law degree is from Cornell University Law School. She is a member of the New York and US Patent Bars. Deborah worked for Davis Hoxie Faithfull and Hapgood of New York City for two and a half years, before moving to Israel. She has been practicing patent and intellectual property law in Israel since 1981, for 8 years as the senior Patent Attorney for the law firm Seligsohn & Gabrieli of Tel Aviv, until forming Blum, Gador & Co. Debbie is also a member of the Israel Law and Patent Bars. She has specialized mainly in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in Israel and around the world, although she also registers designs and trademarks. She has drafted and registered patent applications in a broad range of fields, including wired and wireless communication, medical devices, weapons and ammunition, motor vehicle parts, and computerized systems. Debbie is also a member of AIPPI and APPI (the Association of Patent Practitioners in Israel).

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